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Finding New Friends In a New Place

Missing family and friends is the number one reason people give if they decide to return home within six months of moving. The clients I counsel often say that the main reason they struggle to settle in to their new environment is because they miss family and friends.

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People often ask me if I miss my family and friends when I move. Of course I do, very much so. Currently, my two sons and my family live on the other side of the world and I often feel like they are too far away. I feel that the question is not whether you will miss people, but how you will cope.

I made a conscious decision to move to my current home in Australia. I love the tropics, the heat, the sea and the opportunities that are available to me here. I was aware when I made the decision that I would be leaving behind family and friends. Although this was difficult, I realised that I wanted to live the life I chose.

When I move, I keep in mind that I am giving my family and friends the opportunity to visit the places I live in and to possibly choose this lifestyle for themselves, should they wish to. I encourage my sons to take holidays here, as well as making plans to visit them.

There are days when I feel down, but I reassure myself that most people feel this way sometimes. On those days I pick up the phone and call family or friends. I feel better knowing they are still there and hearing about their day. I know that I can always return home if I want to and that gives me comfort on those days I need it, but for now I am happy where I am.

I keep myself in a good space and keep moving forward by surrounding myself with new friends and maintain contact with my old friends. Finding new friends in your new home is a vital key to settling in and I encourage you to start as soon as possible after you arrive at your destination.

If you are struggling to cope with family after a move, or looking for tips on how to find friends then the e-book below is packed with information and tips. Don't be afraid to reach out to others, we all need friends. Kama

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