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What Should I Pack For My Adventure?

Pre-trip this isn't that easy to answer as we don't know everything yet. We purchased (2) Samsonite rolling duffel bags (Checked), (2) 28-Inch Samsonite 4 wheeled hard sided suit cases (Checked), (2) 21-Inch Samsonite 4 wheeled hard sided suit cases (Carry-On). We'll each be toting Camelback Day Pack as carry-ons.

In addition to all of this shit, we'll be shipping a medium "Home Depot" Box full of winter/ski/snowboard supplies that will arrive in May or June right when winter starts in New Zealand.

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Aside from clothing we are taking camping gear for both backpacking and car camping. A couple of camping stoves, back packing packs, sleeping bags, tent, cookware, water filtration, trekking poles and the kitchen sink. We'll also have our cycling gear, some games and electronics.

I've already done a few trial runs packing my clothing and the gear and we are looking good in terms of space and weight. As far as Rachael and her clothing, deciding what to pack will probably be the 2nd hardest part of the trip for Rachael. 1st being leaving Jack (our beloved Feline).

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