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Locker Talk: Flyers vs. Pens Round 2

Sean Casey, we've come to our second of a mere four meetings this season between our rival clubs, what do you expect to be different from game 1? It was pretty clear that both teams we're just trying to get their "legs back" on opening day, whereas now they'll fairly deep into the season considering the schedule length. The Flyers have been wildly inconsistent, but are coming off a huge 7-0 win over a decent Islanders team where they dominated the game in every capacity ..something they certainly look to build off of. They've also found the confines of the Console Energy Center to be quite comfortable, although Penguins fans probably took a sigh of relief when Sergei Bobrovsky was traded away. The Pens sit atop the Atlantic Division, and in 2nd in the East, though their road there doesn't seem to have been smooth, and it sounds like the city of Pittsburgh is waiting for Geno to wake up. What are you looking for tonight?

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Casey -I'll be looking for the burger stand behind my sectiI mean, I'm looking for a tough game from the Flyers. It's been a tough road for them this season. They've been getting beat up on the ice and in the media. To me this makes them incredibly dangerous for the Pens, especially in the Consol Energy Center, it's just the thing that the Flyers always seem to get up for.

From the Pens, I'm looking for a big game from Vokoun. It seems like it's been forever since he's been in net. It's his first Flyers game as a Pen, so hopefully he understands how much hate he's supposed to feel tonight.

What about you? The Flyers seemed to have had to Pens number recently, but they're a dramatically different team now.

Sean -The Flyers need to do a better job of putting together complete games. They did it a couple weeks ago against Tampa Bay, and did it Monday on the Islethose are really the first two I've seen from then in a couple seasons. They've experienced it now, they know what a complete game consists of and what it leads to, it should be easier to replicate (though certainly not easy). I expect a fast, physical game though and hope to see Tye McGinn back in the lineup. As much as I enjoy watching Harry Zolnierczyk run rampant on opposing teams with Rinaldo, McGinn adds an interesting blend of high-end ability and toughness, whereas Harry Z is a good 4th liner.

Though in reality, a lot of me thinks they'll struggle against Vokoun, though Bryz will keep it close enough to win in the end.

Casey -It seems like many of the Flyers are struggling right now. What happened? Were Jagr, van Riemdyk and Hartnell that integral to their success?

Sean -They absolutely were, especially Hartnell and Jagr, both have taken on big time leadership roles at this stage of their careers. I think it was fair to assume all the Flyers rookies from last season would improve quite a bit from last year, but guys like Giroux and a couple others have slipped. They're running our of time to get it together, but Monday's game was a great sign.

Casey -Alright, so I'm getting to go to the game. Other than obvious guys like Giroux, who's the one guy in an orange jersey I want to pay attention to tonight?

Sean -McGinn if he's in, he's a very interesting player; seemed to be destined as a career AHLer, but he's been playing on the top two lines while with the Flyers this year, and hasn't missed a beat. Also Voracek, he's been incredible these last few games, regardless of which line Lavy puts him on. Enjoy the game!

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