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Experiences in Kaziranga

Finally made it back from Kaziranga! It took 7 long hours on the bus today. But it was worth it because Kaziranga was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. We stayed in the national park and got to go on two safaris- 1 on elephants and 1 in jeeps. I saw a lot of 1 horned rhinos, wild buffalo with huge horns, beautiful birds, wild and tamed elephants, cows, goats, wild chickens and deer. It was an incredible experience. We we're totally removed from technology for a couple of days and it was very relaxing. We stayed in the cutest bungalows and they we're soooo nice(soft beds and HOT showers!) I stole this awesome smelling soap from the room along with TP- I've learned that Indian bathrooms 90% of the time are equipped with no more than a hole in the ground and a water spigot-if you're lucky! So we're back in Assam for 3 more nights. We are doing our volunteer work for a few hours for the next 2 days. I will be with 2 of my classmates working with 5th grade students at a small village school in Assam called the Parijat Academy. We will be helping them with their English as they write letters to pen pals in an elementary school in Newark, DE.

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