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Stamp collecting

For new stamp collectors, it can be intimidating to assess the potential value of a stamp. While it takes time to truly be able to decipher a stamps value, there are few ways to easily determine whether a stamp will receive a superb ranking or a poor ranking. Over time, you'll become an expert! But until then, you'll want to keep these basics in mind.

The condition of the stamp . If a stamp appears to be faded and dull, it's value will be far less than if the colors we're bright and vibrant. Take a closer look to distinguish any smudges, stains, or dirt. Traces of these will also depreciate the value. Torn stamps are considered to be noncollectable, while creased stamps, though collectible, have less value.

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The stamps gum . As a stamp collector, you will want to turn the stamp over to assess the condition of the gum. An even distribution of the gum is most preferred, as is even distribution of any perforations. If a stamp is on an envelope, it is often wise to not remove it, as removal may result in damage to the gum, which results in a depreciated value.

Details of the design . If a stamps design is off-center, the value will be lowered. Centered stamps are priced much higher. However, there are exceptions to this. In some cases, rare misprinted stamps can be very valuable. However, a general rule of thumb is that perfectly centered stamps are most preferred.

Used or canceled stamps. Mint stamps without cancels are more valued. If a stamp has been used and canceled, it's value, in most cases is lower. Heavy cancels that obliterate the design are valued lower than lightly canceled stamps.

When partaking in the world of stamp collecting, you're likely to become overwhelmed with all that is entailed in the determination of a stamps value. Keep these simple steps in mind to become expert stamp collectors!

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