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This last Sunday was the latest edition of McMutry Madness

For years, this event has served as the season ending event for the statewide Tour de Dirt Mountain Bike Race Series. As you would expect for a season finale, the race is important to a select group of people that have competed hard throughout the season. If racing is your thing, you can find more about the Tour de Dirt series here.

Of much greater significance, in my opinion, was the effort and turnout by the Stillwater Bicycle community. First of all, local volunteers continually give hundreds of hours of year to the maintenance of the 28 mile trail system at Lake McMurtry. Without the effort of these tireless volunteers (members of both the Red Dirt Pedalers and the OSU Cycling Club), the trails would not exist. Special thanks go to Dennis Mayberry, not only for doing a great job as event promoter, but also for taking the lead on trail maintenance.

On race day, dozens of volunteers also worked hard to man the entrance gate, marshal the course, construct and set-up the stage, MC the event, cook the food (Awesome job Franco and Terri!), provide entertainment and generally make sure all the participants had a great day.

Participants and fans received a nice bonus when District Bicycles stepped in and agreed to pay the entrance fees to the lake for everyone!

Indeed, a great time was had by all. I can't imagine anyone being in attendance for the day and not being at least a little intrigued about the idea of giving mountain biking a try. From my perspective, this was another great example of what a good thing we have going with our local cycling community. Thanks to Lake McMurtry for hosting and to all who participated in any form or fashion.

Posted in Outdoor Activities Post Date 09/01/2019