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Dominica Tours are an inbound Tour Operator who takes the hassle out of helping you plan your travel plans when visiting Dominica. They have accommodation available in the South, North and Center of Dominica including:

Anchorage Hotel which is just minutes from the capital of Dominica in Roseau

Picard Beach Cottages situated on the longest sand beach in the North of Dominica

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Harmony Villa which is situated in the center of the island at Pont Casse

All three of these amazing locations place you right in the middle of some of Dominicas most popular and interesting attractions.

Take the hassle out of arriving

When you arrive in Dominica, Dominica Tours will greet you at the airport and take you to your destination. They offer a great meet and greet service plus they can arrange car hire and other transport logistics for you during your stay.

Take the hassle out of your holiday

The Commonwealth Dominica has become a popular destination in the Caribbean for anyone looking to get back to nature and the environment.

It is one of the best islands for bird watching, whale watching, scuba diving, snorkelling, hiking and adventure packages/tours.

Take the hassle out of your special occasion

If getting married in the Caribbean is something you have always wanted to do then you definitely need to ensure you take the hassle out of arranging your special day. Dominica Tours will help you plan your wedding and the complete celebration so all you have to do is turn up and enjoy your day.

Take the hassle out of events and conferences

There are traditional Caribbean islands which are used for conferences and events. Have you ever thought of sending your sales force to the Commonwealth Dominica? Dominica Tours focus on events planning and production as well as a wide range of heritage and cultural activities.

Run a conference or award your sales team with an adventure holiday with a difference and let Dominica Tours arrange the whole thing for you.

I am so excited about visiting Dominica in July after 28 years away and I hope to meet loads of Dominican Diaspora members while I am in Dominica, although my aim is to take myself away and enjoy a holiday my first in about 5 years!

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