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Hey. It's back!

After a short layoff, the Beer Adventures are back. This weekend I got a sunburn at Fruit Beer Fest. Friday I spent a fortune on bottles at Belmont Station but not as much as the lady in front of me the second time I went through the line. One beer I saw that made me jump with excitement. One beer that was just bottled not a week ago. One beer with a killer label. One beer to stomp all over others and then put out it's cigarette on the couch arm and go to the pool hall for women and Schlitz. Yep, Hopworks' Ace of Spades is back for another season of Imperial domination.

It's also some of the coolest artwork on a bottle all the way around.

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I reviewed this beer last year at the same time as a Blue Dot, back when I thought it would be a good idea to have battles and give ratings. It sounds cool, but once one beer has completely wreaked havoc on your taste buds, there's no way that second beer will have a chance. Especially something nuanced and relaxing as a Blue Dot. Anything tasted after an Ace of Spades will be shredded. Maybe not a Palate Wrecker. That's mostly a novelty though (as per my previous review). This here's bona fide.

The floral mixed with the dirty bitter is fantastic. It's what a lot of the DIPAs are doing now, but somehow there's a pervasive Centennial snottiness that makes one go back for more because you have to; wanting to is secondary. The texture is amazing as well. Creamy, with a semi-sweet malt intro followed by all that rowdy hop flavor. Like, rowdy! How big a party do you want to have? Ace of Spades called all the gang over to wreck your house regardless how soon your parents are coming home.

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