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Jeff will be baking and cooking today while I'll be cleaning....

Jeff will be baking and cooking today while I'll be cleaning. That's always our system and it works for me.

The kids are getting more and more excited with every passing moment.

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Our kitty that is old as our relationship (he was born the day Jeff and I met, Jeff owned his mother) is in the animal hospital with pneumonia. He almost passed on the way there yesterday. He's 15 and older cats don't handle colds too well. I'm waiting to hear from them now whether we can bring him today or not.

Tonight the kids will be going over to the little ones daycare provider's house for her Christmas party. She's having a chocolate fountain for the kids to indulge in. *sigh* But Jeff and I figured that would be the perfect time for Santa to deposit the load of presents in our room for wrapping.

We always wait until Christmas Eve night to wrap all the presents. There's no way with 4 kids in our small house to get any wrapped any earlier without being detected.

All but my oldest still believe in Santa. But he's good about helping perpetuate the myth. We might employ him to help wrap tonight after the little ones are asleep and his gifts are wrapped.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday with your families. They're what the season is about after all. Not the stuff, the people in your lives that make it special. Cherish this time, relax and enjoy it.

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