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Must know endgames (part three)

In this lesson we will learn in which positions the king successfully can stop a pawn but also when a pawn can triumph.

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There is a square show from the pawn on c5. You can form the square by counting the squares in front of the pawn (3) and then the same amount of squares beside the pawn (left or right, depending on where the enemy king stands). Does the black king stands in the square, such as on f5 (yellow square) then the king will be able to capture the pawn, even if white is to move first. In a variation: 1. c6 Ke6 2. c7 Kd7 3. c8D+ Kxc8. In the diagram on the left the black king is outside the square. Only when it's black to move, he can walk inside the square of the pawn and stop it. With white to move the pawn is unstoppable.

As help by forming the square we use the diagonal line from the pawn like shown in diagram on the right. In this case from b3 to g8. We can see in an eye wink if we can stop the pawn or not. The imaginary line always points towards the side of the enemy king. Now that we can quickly draw the square thanks to this rule we can easily judge if the king is able or not able to stop the pawn.


On the left the black king is standing in the square of the pawn on b4. If we make the moves we see: 1. b5 Ke5 2. b6 Ke6 3. b7 Kd7 4. b8Q. White promotes to queen because the black king has to make a detour.
The rule of the square has to be applied with the necessary care. Watch out for obstacles!!!

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